Manydown Padel Ladder Rules

Objective: The objective of the Padel Ladder is to achieve the highest possible ranking by challenging and winning matches against other pairs.

Match Format:

  1. All matches will consist of two sets of Padel tennis.
  2. The first two sets will be played to six games, with a minimum of two clear games to win the set.
  3. If the score reaches 6-6 in a set, a tie-break will be played to decide the set, with the first pair to reach 7 points (with a margin of 2 points) winning the tie-break.
  4. If players are playing 1 hour, Players should agree to play a Fast 4 to decide the winner before the match begins.
  5. If the score reaches 3-3 in a set, a “Fast 4” format will be used, with the first pair to win four games winning the set.
  6. If a third set is required, it will be played as a Championship Tie-Break. The Championship Tie-Break is won by the first pair to reach 10 points, with a margin of 2 points, or by a score like 13-15 if the margin is not achieved.


  1. A player pair may challenge any pair that is three positions or fewer above them in the ladder.
  2. Challenges involving pairs with a larger gap in rankings are at the discretion of the higher-ranked pair.

Challenging Process:

  1. To issue a challenge, the challenging pair must contact the other pair through their preferred method of communication (email, phone, text, etc.).
  2. The challenging pair must offer three choices of dates for the match, allowing flexibility for scheduling.
  3. If the challenged pair does not respond or cannot agree on a date, the default match time will be set at 7am. If the higher pair are still not available to play the a win will be awarded.

Ladder Positioning:

  1. The winning pair of a challenge will take the higher position on the ladder.
  2. All pairs below the winning pair will move down one place on the ladder.

These rules are designed to provide a fair and competitive environment for Padel tennis ladder matches, allowing players to improve their rankings through challenges and flexibility in match formats.




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